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About Us

About Us
My name is Lisa Spaulding, owner and developer of Crafter's Vision, wife, mother of two, chauffeur, cook, secretary, etc., etc. etc...

Diversified Showcase was my first website.  I started Diversified Showcase for a few reasons: First and foremost, I wanted to find a way to stay home with my kids.

But now for the second reason...

I was on bed rest for about 4 months with the pregnancy of my second child.  I was forced to do all my Christmas and baby shopping online.  Time after time I was disappointed to find how "cold" online shopping was.  The only customer service I received was automated responders.  In all the shopping I did not once did I receive an email from a person who took the time to write it.

So, after my daughter was born, I decided to start my own online store.  This way, I could stay home with my children and didn't have to hike up prices to cover a brick & mortar store's overhead.  I chose products that I would love to purchase for my home and to give as gifts, then started working on building a website.  Soon after, my first store, Diversified Showcase, was born.  I then started receiving a lot of email and calls asking if I could get ribbon and other crafting supplies at discounted rates. After much consideration, I decided to start up Crafter's Vision.

Crafter's Vision has taken on a life of its own.  We are over 1000 ribbons now, and our ever growing inventory now includes over 400 fabrics, countless scrapbooking supplies, hardware and more!

I have three full time employee, who help me with every aspect of the business.  Together, we are able to still offer some of the best customer service you will find online...We are no longer in my home, but as we continue to grow, keeping prices low and providing great customer service will remain a top concern. When placing an order we personally look it over, box up your items, weigh it and make sure that your shipping charges were calculated correctly. (Shipping prices will never be higher than what the website calculates and many times turn out to be lower than you were orginally quoted). We never give away or sell any information about our customers or newsletter subscribers.  This includes, names, email addresses, billing & shipping addresses, phone numbers, etc.  THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE!

A couple years ago we had to make the tough decision to close down Diversified Showcase.  Not for lack of business, just lack of time, as Crafter's Vision is now our first and foremost concern. 

Please take a look through our site.  Let us help you shop for every occasion in your life with less stress.  We are always available to answer questions and help any way we can.

Lisa Spaulding
NDI Enterprises, Inc.


Privacy Policy:

NDI Enterprises, Inc. dba Crafter’s Vision takes privacy of our customers very seriously. Below is the information we collect, use and share as well as your rights to control any information we collect from you.

We are the sole owners of the information collected on this site. The information we have access to is only provided voluntarily via our website, email or phone conversations by you. We do not give out, sell or rent any of this information to any other companies, persons or organizations.

We use the information collected to fill your orders and to contact you with questions we may have about your orders or to answer questions you may have about your orders, shipping or products.

We will not contact you about any specials, new products or services unless you have signed up for our newsletter. To unsubscribe to our newsletter please click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of any newsletter you receive from April 2011 to current or email us.

You may contact us via email or phone to modify any information we have on file for you or express any concern you have about our use of your data.


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