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Key Chain Tutorial






The fob tips are very easy to assemble to the webbing. Below I have described the process used to create your own personalized key chains.


Cut the desired length of webbing. (Usually about 10” will suffice)


Sew or adhere ribbon to the webbing to make your creation unique. (Optional)


Fold the webbing so that it creates a loop large enough to fit your wrist through.


Place the Fob over the cut ends of the webbing.


Press down on the fob tip so that the teeth hold the webbing in place.

             There are a number of ways that you can do this:

                          -Place a cloth over the Fob (to prevent scratches) and squeeze the clamp closed using pliers

                          -Hot Glue felt or other soft material to pliers and then clamp down on the Fob

                          -Wrap tape around pliers and then clamp down on the Fob

                          - Use rubber pliers

                          -Pound the Fob closed using a rubber mallet

                          - Make sure to clamp the fob tip very tightly so that your webbing does not fall out


 Here is a link to the items you may need from us:

Key Fobs

Split Rings

1 1/4" Heavy Duty Cotton Webbing

Ribbon (we recommend using width of 1" or smaller)

Key Fob Ends - Optional

If you want to make a small key chain, do not double up webbing if doing the method...key ends are just to cover up frayed part of webbing.

Heat N Bond - Optional

use "Lite Hold" to aid in holding down ribbon to webing while sewing or use "Ultra Hold" instead of sewing!

 Please feel free to contact us via email or at 866-809-9085 should you have any questions.


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